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Bonecrusher description
Rosewill Cruiser guard

Project SWORD   starting price ......... $1,249.00

Bonecrasher Sword

Project NEMESIS  starting price ......... $1,199.00

Bonecrasher Nemesis
Desktop Design Tech specs Customer ratings
48 star rating

 Average customer rating: 4.8 of 5

Featured customer reviews:

Reviewed by: Terry N. (Soddy Daisy, TN)
Date: 01/06/2010
Ownership: Less than a month
Tech level: Somewhat High
Model Purchased: Bonecrusher Sword

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50 star rating

Title: Pretty heavy and packs serious stuff
Computer Usage: Heavy Gaming, Online Gaming, Video and Photo Processing
Pros Highlights: High quality hardware and high overclock

Review: Big and heavy box on my doorstep showed up just 7 days after ordering, without weekend that’s only 5 business days.

  This computer is sweet! I decided to go with i7 860 setup and single videocard. Intel Core i7 860 according to the most benchmarks is not too much slower than i7 920, and it came overclocked to 3.56Ghz - what else could you ask. Also my Nvidia GTX 480 1.53GB pulls extreme speed in all games and benchmarks, since it’s the fastest videocard for now I don’t think I’ll need another one any time soon. Motherboard has 2 PCI-e slots, but I’m not sure if it supports only CrossFire or SLI too, but I don’t plan on adding second card anyway. Computer is ready to go out of the box, it did not require any setup, I didn’t even have to remove any junksoft. Office and antivirus that came with it both free and pretty decent. Within 15 minutes of easy unpacking I was up and running games that came with it. I cranked up settings in Crysis right away and was blown away by the performance this PC can deliver!

Reviewed by: Kent R. (Mora, MN)
Date: 29/07/2010
Ownership: Less than a month
Tech level: Somewhat High
Model Purchased: Bonecrusher Nemesis

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50 star rating

Title: Nice looking performance king!
Computer Usage: Gaming, Online Gaming, Photo editing and storing
Pros Highlights: The best build quality I’ve seen in years

Review: I don’t write reviews often but I was really surprised by the quality of this computer and everything that comes with it - great customer service, fast delivery, very good looking too! It didn’t take me much time to really appreciate my new computer, believe me I had quite a lot of gaming computers from other companies but Centaurus gave me the best price/performance/quality combination. I don’t know if I’m lucky or not but I hope every computer they build is like this.

  When I turned it on for the first time I saw really nice light show - I’ve got cold cathode lights with my computer plus front blue LED fans and huge clear side window really show off what I’ve got, you can see everything inside. Computer lights up whole room at night, good thing there is a switch for lights for times when I want some darkness.

  Inside computer is very well designed. Modular power supply and nicely done wiring job make this PC look like there are no wires at all - everything hidden. It helps airflow too. I don’t know much about hardware details but I can appreciate the look of it. CPU cooler also looks solid and I bet cools the same way.

  Also computer is very quiet, all fans push a lot of air but stay silent all the time. I have also got an SSD hard drive so you can’t hear that one too. Even videocards are barely audible when gaming.

  I love this computer and would recommend it to anyone, and not only this computer but any Centaurus PC computer-  they are all reasonably priced and have the highest quality.

Reviewed by: Randy R. (Chicago, IL)
Date: 22/10/2010
Ownership: Less than a month
Tech level: Average
Model Purchased: Bonecrusher Sword

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50 star rating

Title: One Happy customer
Computer Usage: Online Gaming, Heavy Gaming
Pros Highlights: Really fast, did I say it’s fast? It’s Super fast!

Review: Running games on my new gaming desktop from Centaurus for a few weeks already and can’t stop. I would really like to find out if there is a limit to the speed this PC shows all the time. Even Metro 2033 runs smooth on High settings and that’s with DX11 enabled.

  I guess most that triumph goes to my dual cards ATI Radeon 5850 1GB and Intel i7 870 processor - it was clocked at 3.7Ghz and I can’t utilize it on more than 50% in most of my games and applications. Unbeatable graphics performance in all games. iTunes just fly on my computer, music transfers do not require any time now. Computer starts and turns of in less than 30 seconds.

  I didn’t have any problems with it so far. It works stable, not even one random reboot and that’s with overclocked processor and all my gaming. I hope it will stay good to me like this for all the times, because I like it and I don’t need anything else. Unless CentaurusPC will offer something better a few years down the road. 3 year warranty is awesome, love customer service (many thanks to Alex)

  Are you still reading my new PC review? Go get one, you will not be disappointed!

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