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Shadowtrail description
HAF922 wings red

Project REZZER   starting price ......... $1,499.00


Project WARLORD  starting price ......... $2,249.00

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50 star rating
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 Average customer rating: 5 of 5

Featured customer reviews:

Reviewed by: Allan W. (Middleton, ID)
Date: 09/06/2010
Ownership: 1-2 Month
Tech level: Expert
Model Purchased: Shadowtrail Warlord

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50 star rating

Title: As extreme as it can be
Computer Usage: Heavy Gaming, Online Gaming, Work, Scientific Calculations
Pros Highlights: It feels like the fastest computer in the world, at least for me.

Review: Usually I am not really comfortable spending over $3K on a computer equipment but in this case I could not stop myself. And I’m glad I made that purchase. When I saw the specs for this machine I was really excited, especially considering it’s price is quite competitive with an overclock of the CPU.

  Computer arrived quick enough and in good condition. Since then I use it non stop, I have ran all possible tests and all games I had and it constantly sits on the top lines of all charts. I did not think such a massive performance is available today. Processor is a separate story - not only it’s the fastest CPU available today, but Centaurus overclocked it to the whooping 4.0Ghz, though they promised 3.8Ghz. And I think it’s not even a limit of what 980X can do. Temperatures are under 62’C when loaded 100% and voltage is only 1.34V, so there is still a headroom.

  Paired with dual GTX 480 1.53GB and 12GB RAM, I don’t think there are a lot of computers commercially available that can compete with this machine.

Reviewed by: Jeff K. (Winchester, OH)
Date: 10/12/2010
Ownership: Less than a month
Tech level: High
Model Purchased: Shadowtrail Rezzer

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50 star rating

Title: Intel Core i7 is the best for gaming and all applications
Computer Usage: Heavy Gaming, Online Gaming, Video Processing
Pros Highlights: Best processor and videocard options, top performance

Review: This computer runs extremely good in all modern games, even Metro 2033 with DX11 enabled can be played on it with perfect FPS. All other games like Crysis Warhead, Far Cry 2, CoD MW2 and others run on maximum settings possible with my 24” monitor max resolution. I see constant 60+ FPS everywhere, even in most contested areas in games it never drops down. Another good thing is - minimum frames per second. My old computer could fluctuate between 30 to 60 FPS, this one never drops low, minimum FPS always within 10% of average. You can tell how well new Core i7 and GTX 470 videocards can hold the load. All applications just fly on it, Photoshop takes no time to load , video processing is faster than ever, compare to older Core 2 processors this new PC cut waiting time 2-3 times.

  I’ve got overclocked i7 930 (at 3.6Ghz) Quad Core with 6GB RAM, dual GTX 470 1.28Gb video.
Also I have upgraded to the RAID-0 setup with dual Western Digital VelociRaptor drives 300GB each. They are super fast alone at 10000RPM (vs regular 7200RPM) but in RAID-0 they just show wonders, Windows load time been cut in two, all load time between game level loads does not exist at all. Make sure you get a backup HDD, as with RAID-0 one drive failure means loosing whole array, though I trust WD VelociRaptor is reliable enough for that not to happen.

This setup may seem a bit pricey but it’s well worth it especially for gaming, Intel Core i7 with dual videocards is the best you can get for all the games in the future.

Reviewed by: Roger S. (NYC, NY)
Date: 06/29/2010
Ownership: 1-2 Month
Tech level: Expert
Model Purchased: Shadowtrail Rezzer

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50 star rating

Title: Quite and deadly performance king
Computer Usage: Online Gaming, Work, Video Processing, Design
Pros Highlights: It’s very fast, quiet, high quality assembly

Review: This computer was a major investment for me and I am happy I choose Centaurus over other companies. Sometimes you really have to see things to believe in them!

  I wanted really fast and very quiet computer since I hate noise from cooling fans and I can’t stand it for too long. I’ve e-mailed Centaurus customer service asking for recommendations and after a few e-mails exchanged with them I decided on this model - Shadowtrail Rezzer. I’ve got Thermaltake Element G case with it and liquid cooling. Case is very quiet - it has 3 huge fans, and bigger fans always make less noise. Also if you think liquid cooling does not make any noise at all you are wrong - it still has fans on the radiator, sometimes even 2 - like mine did. But fans installed where near silent Cooler Master fans, so it’s fine for me.

  About the performance - it’s great! I don’t think I saw anything like that anywhere before. As I have found out later my CPU was overclocked at 3.8Ghz and I think that contributes to the overall great speed and really fast feedback in all applications. My video and photo design applications just came to life when I installed them on my new computer. I am glad I did that purchase and would recommend this model and CentaurusPC as company of my choice. You will not be disappointed with the highest build quality and excellent performance this computer delivers.

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