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Special#1  AMD Phenom X4 9850 2.5Ghz Quad Core
Very affordable computer that includes powerful Quad Core processor and top of the line motherboard effectively making it a really great choice for budget conscious person. Equipped with 2Gb DDR2-800 performance gaming memory in Dual channel upgradable to 8Gb. Integrated video ATI HD Radeon 4200 with up to 512Mb memory access can play games like World of Warcraft with ease and will even pull newer titles like Call of Duty. Included Linux operating system, can be upgraded to Windows 7, full free Office included.

Processor: AMD Phenom X4 9850 2.5Ghz Quad Core + Copper Core Aftermarket Cooler
Memory: 2Gb DDR2-800 RAM Dual Channel with heat-spreaders
Motherboard: AMD 785G AM3 chipset, 16Gb DDR2 support
Harddrive: 320Gb SATA2 7200 RPM Western Digital
24x DVD+/- recorder (All CD & DVD supported)
Integrated audio 7.1 Channel digital (Digital out optical S-PDIF)
Video: ATI Radeon HD 4200 integrated, 512Mb shared, DVI/HDMI/VGA
Custom case: HEC Orion, 585W Power Supply (Dual 12V Rail with 39A)
OS: Linux (free) +Office, Antivirus and more...

Special #1   $499.00


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