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Name Storm

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Crank up your gaming, movies and multimedia to the maximum with excellent advanced processors from Intel. Triton will deliver great frame rates at high HD resolutions by using the power of the top quality AMD and Nvidia graphics cards. Available dual core i3 and Quads i5/i7 processors have great features like Turbo mode to rock the frequency past regular levels and Hyper Threading that excels is multi-threaded applications. Aggressive case designs with advanced cooling design - bottom mounted power supply and four or more cooling fans with 120/140/200mm sizes - quite and highly efficient. CrossFire multi-GPU configuration with dual AMD videocards for extreme gamers and enthusiasts. Easiest upgrades available with a lot of expandability on B85 and H87 chipsets.

Raidmax Quantum front 300

Original Storm configuration includes:

Chassis - Rosewill Blackbone, Blue LED fan
Motherboard - Intel B85, up to 16GB RAM
Processor - Intel Core i3 3220 3.3GHz Dual Core
Memory - 4GB Dual Channel DDR3 1333MHz
Videocard - Nvidia GeForce GT 640 1GB GDDR3
Hard Drive - 500GB, SATA-III, 7200 RPM
Optical Drive - CD/DVD Burner +/-RW, Dual Layer
Power Supply - 460W Dual 12V rails 38A
Sound - Digital HD 7.1 channel integrated
CPU Cooler - Stock Ivy Bridge cooler
System cooling - 2x fans 120mm, blue LED, silent

USB 2.0 ports: 4-6x, USB 3.0: 2x on the back
Digital Audio Output: Optional S/PDIF (TOSLINK)
Dual Graphics: CrossFire support optional
Additional ports: Front Audio, HDMI, Gigabit LAN

Rosewill Challenger

Rosewill Blackbone

CM Elite 430 Black 200

CM Elite 430

Zalman Z5 CPC

Zalman Z5

Z9+ 200 T2

Zalman Z9 Plus

NZXT Guardian CPC

NZXT Guardian

CM Scout

CM Storm Scout

Please select all the option you desire below and add to cart. Starting configuration - $739.00

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 Computer case or chassis is important because is holds everything else inside, it provides cooling with multiple fans and it’s what you see every time you look at your PC. Many cases have clear side window to see what’s inside, all cases we offer come with full array of silent fans.

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Please select cooling level for the processor and system. It is very important because lower operating temperature prolongs life of the CPU and allows much higher overclock.

GeminII CPU cooler
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Pick Intel Core i3 or i5 Dual Core with Hyper-Threading. Faster CPU with more cores and more cache can take on increased workloads such as modern games. We overclock CPU frequency at about 20% rate on every PC.

Core i5 logo
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 RAM - random access memory - stores data while you use your PC. More memory allows you to run more applications at the same time. Faster RAM speed allows CPU to process data stored in RAM faster.

G-Skill Ripjaws
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 Videocard - GPU handles graphics processing on your computer. Faster GPU cards with more memory deliver more detailed picture in games and higher frames per second - essential for gaming!

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Dual GPU - video cards in SLI or CrossFire configuration provide almost double speed of the single videocard. Make sure you upgrade motherboard and PSU here. Cards should be of the same model.

SLI cards
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 Power Supply (PSU) powers your whole system. You have to have enough power for reliable and safe operation. Many hi-end videocards require a lot of power. Make your PC future proof - get good PSU today!

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 Hard Drives (HDD) store all saved content on your computer - music, photos, games. SSD is the fastest option today, comes at a higher price and smaller size but it’s worth it. Get a backup HDD to store your media and games.

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 Additional storage volume may be required if you have a lot of data stored or if you want to create a backup. It’s especially crucial when you pick small SSD as your main drive - it fills up very fast, use backup for media files.

Dual drives HDD
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 Optical drives include CD, DVD and Blue Ray drives. All drives have CD/DVD reading and burning capability. Blue ray drive lets you watch hi-quality HD movies, and Blue Ray burner will let you record up to 50GB discs.

BLue ray drive1
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Chosen by professional gamers, the SB X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty sound card delivers the ultimate PC gaming audio experience - hear them coming before they even see you!

SB xfi Titanium
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 Gain wireless freedom with one of the WL adapters for internet connection and local networks. Available as regular 802.11g and new and powerful N modifications. Pick internal card or external USB 2.0

Wireless card
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 Cold Cathode Neon Lightning makes your computer stand out of the crowd. Located under the side window or front panel they will look great at dark. With on/off switch.

Cold Cathode
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 Windows 7 Home Premium has all the features for most of the users. Professional edition has XP emulation, Ultimate includes everything possible.

Windows logo
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 Do you have anything to tell us about your new computer? Do you have any special request? May be you don’t want an overclock, specific case color or want no software?

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  If you need any add-ons and peripherals like monitor, keyboard and mouse, card reader, speakers and more - you can browse our “Peripherals” page. You can add your custom computer to cart now and navigate to peripherals from there.

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