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What makes Centaurus Computers so special? We are among the best custom gaming computers manufacturers nationwide. We are ahead of the competition in many aspects - fastest assembly time with no extra charge for rush service, lowest failure rates in industry, highest mind blowing overclocks, only new brand name parts with excellent reputation. All our custom built gaming computers are manually assembled (USA based assembly line) with attention to every tiny detail, every custom computer individually optimized inside and out, there are no identical computers that we build - every one one will have it’s own unique touch and character. We do not try to save on quality and always make sure that our customers are happy with our gaming computers. We are the only PC manufacturer who overclocks CPU, Video Cards and RAM to achieve the best performance possible in every computer. From the configuration assessment to industry’s best double packaging we think about your satisfaction on every step.

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EXPLOSIVE POWER - Gaming computers are about power, performance, speed. Computer games push computer development the same way war pushes weapons productions. In order to crank up all the settings and hit highest frame rates per second on HD resolutions gaming desktops have to pack some serious hardware. Hardcore gamers crave for power and we support them in that desire.
  Centaurus Computers offers the most advanced hardware available on the market, with top quality and reliability. We use only the best brand name parts with the highest reputation from gamers  backed by the guarantee of the leading hardware manufacturers.

STRESS TESTING - We test every computer under extreme conditions that you will probably never encounter in real life. Stressing each component in individually configured sets of tests ensures near zero chance of failure in the future. If any piece of hardware does not stand to our highest quality standards we replace it.
  By stress-testing we mean running eight iterations of Prime95 together with 3DMark Vantage at high ambient temperatures. All together those programs load processor, memory and videocard on 100%. We adjust voltage settings and fan speeds to achieve stable and safe operation in these conditions taking in consideration system overclock and other possible scenarios. We never let internal temperatures exceed factory recommended values.

EXTREME OVERCLOCK - we push internal computer components to the boundaries of extreme performance. Overclocking is a process of increasing speed of the processor, memory, videocard and other components by the means of BIOS settings or software help. We do overclock strictly in BIOS because it’s more effective and stable, also it does not disappear if anything happens to the software on your computer.
  On average we overclock CPU at about 20% rate, it means that 3.0GHz processor would work at 3.6GHz speed in most cases. Whenever possible we try to push it even higher, but that really depends on the level of cooling and chassis you pick. We also guarantee that all our factory overclocks have passed all tests and are absolutely safe for your computer. Think of an overclock as a free speed boost to your PC. We are proud to be the only company that achieves some of the highest overclocks possible and does not charge any extra premium for that.

Easy shopping experience - simple navigation and detailed options available for every computer. You can build your new computer using one of our desktop configurators categorized by the price range and technology used. We are not forcing you to go through numerous useless configuration pages to achieve your goal - pick the hardware you want. Instead each project has it’s own set of most important features located on one page. We take care of the rest, the best motherboards have been picked for every model, you don’t have to worry and ask yourself if it’s a good board and if it has all the connections you need. It’s perfect board and it has every possible port allowed by the specification. Each and every part of the computer picked that way - we deal only with the best OEMs.

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